Asix Electronics I/O Connectivity ICs

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Asix PCIe Bridge

The PCIe bridge series, AX99100/MCS99xx, provide a single-chip, PCI Express x1 (single-lane) to a peripheral controller with support for single and multi-port Serial, Parallel, LB/ISA-Like, SPI, ISA and USB interfaces. PCIe is an interconnection system based on the PCI standard connecting a microprocessor to attached devices for high-speed operation. The electrical and mechanical interfaces of PCIe are not compatible with the PCI bus interface. This bus also provides a high-speed 2.5GBs data rate.

PCIe Bridge Diagram
PCIe Connectivity Solutions
Part No. Local Bus Serial Parallel USB 2.0 Host Other Interfaces Temp Range Package/th> Purchase
AX99100QF PCIe 2.0 Gen 1 2/4-port 1-port - ISA-Like, SPI 0~+70/-40~+85 QFN-68 Buy AX99100QF now!
MCS9900CV-AA PCIe 1.1 2/4-port 1-port - - 0~+70 LQFP-128 Buy MCS9900CV-AA now!
MCS9901CV-CC PCIe 1.1 2-port 1-port - - 0~+70 LQFP-128 Buy MCS9901CV-CC now!
MCS9904CV-AA PCIe 1.1 4-port - - - 0~+70 LQFP-128 Buy MCS9904CV-AA now!
MCS9922CV-AA PCIe 1.1 2-port - - - 0~+70 LQFP-128 Buy MCS9922CV-AA now!
MCS9990CV-AA PCIe 1.1 - - 4-port ISA 0~+70/-40~+85 LQFP-128 Buy MCS9990CV-AA now!
MCS9990IV-AA PCIe 1.1 - - 4-port ISA 0~+70/-40~+85 LQFP-128 Buy MCS9990IV-AA now!

Asix PCI Bridge

The PCI bridge series, MCS98xx, provide OEMs low cost solutions for developing products that bring single and multi-port Parallel, Serial and ISA devices to the market place. PCI is an interconnection system between a microprocessor and attached devices. The MCS98xx supports 3.3/5V PCI bus signaling specifications at full 33 MHz clock speed and allows direct interface to the system bus, delivering a significant reduction in board space requirements.

PCI Bridge Diagram
PCI Connectivity Solutions
Part No. Local Bus Serial Parallel ISA Temp Range Expansion Package/th> Purchase
MCS9845CV-BA PCI 2.3 2-port - 1-port 0~+70 Through ISA QFP-128 Buy MCS9845CV-BA now!
MCS9835CV-BA PCI 2.3 2-port 1-port - 0~+70 - QFP-128 Buy MCS9835CV-BA now!
MCS9820CV-BA PCI 2.3 1-port - - 0~+70 - QFP-128 Buy MCS9820CV-BA now!
MCS9815CV-BA PCI 2.3 - 2-port - 0~+70 - QFP-128 Buy MCS9815CV-BA now!
MCS9805CV-BA PCI 2.3 - 1-port - 0~+70 - QFP-128 Buy MCS9805CV-BA now!

Asix USB Bridge

The USB bridge series, AX781x0/MCS78xx/MCS77xx provides OEM customers and end users an instant, no-hassle way to connect existing devices to next generation computer peripherals. By providing bridging solutions, ASIX can incorporate support for legacy devices such as Serial, Parallel and IrDA as well as advancing the next generation of USB technologies.

USB-to-Serial USB-to-Parallel USB-to-Irda Bridge Diagram
USB Connectivity Solutions
Part No. USB Speed Serial Parallel Temp Range Package/th> Purchase
AX78140LF 2.0 2/4-port 1-port 0~+70/-40~+85 LQFP-64 Buy AX78140LF now!
AX78120LF 2.0 1/2-port - 0~+70/-40~+85 LQFP-48 Buy AX78120LF now!
AX78120LI 2.0 1/2-port - 0~+70/-40~+85 LQFP-48 Buy AX78120LI now!
MCS7720CQ-GR 1.1 2-port - 0~+70/ QFP-48 Buy MCS7720CQ-GR now!
MCS7715CQ-GR 1.1 1-port 1-port 0~+70/ QFP-48 Buy MCS7715CQ-GR now!
MCS7705CQ-GR 1.1 - 1-port 0~+70/ QFP-48 Buy MCS7705CQ-GR now!