UMGZ Electronics

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As a UMGZ distributor, NAC offers UMGZ’s full offerings of Inductors and Transformers.

Established in 2004, UMGZ is a leader in magnetics components manufacturing and design. Headquarters located in Guangzhou, China.

All UMGZ’s offerings have the following Certifications:RoHS, ISO9001:2008 QMS, UL Insulation System, REACH, CQC


Industrial Transformer
Display Transformer
Medical Device Transformer
Switching Power Supply Transformer
Magnetic ring inductance (ring inductance)
Water dispenser Transformer inductance
Humidifier transformer inductance
LED lighting transformer inductance
Home theater transformer inductance
Power amplifier transformer inductance
Small household appliances controller inductance transformer
Beauty and body instrument coil high pressure bag
Hollow coil
LED drive power
LED controller
Other offerings
USB chargers and adapters
Wireless network controller