Mornsun - Start-up ICs

MORNSUN controller start-up Ic can operate with an input voltage range including 4~85VDC, 40VDC~700VDC and 40VDC~5000VDC. The output is a constant charging current into the bypass capacitor of the switching power supply to start the controller chip. After the controller started up, the starter continues to deliver power for some time and increases the capacitive load capability of the power supply. We hope those Ics are an ideal fit for your application needs and design simplification.

Mornsun Series Package VINV Ivdd(min)(mA) Ivdd(max)(mA) Tj(℃) VDD(max)(V) Product Type Datasheet
SCM9601A SOT-23 40~700 0.8 4 40~125 20 Start-up ICs
SCM9602A SOT-23 40-700 1 4 -40~125 20 Start-up ICs
SCM9603B SOT-23 4~85 2.3 20 -40~125 10 Start-up ICs