AgileSwitch 2ASC Gate Driver Cores & Development Kits

AgileSwitch 2ASC SiC MOSFET Core

Software configurable Vgs, Patented Augmented Turn-Off™switching technique, robust high-noise-immunity design, advanced monitoring and fault reporting in a compact form factor facilitate conversion from IGBTs to SiC MOSFET power modules

The ASC1 driver core features configurable gate voltage and incorporates AgileSwitch's patented, software configurable Augmented Turn-Off (ATOff™) technology. ATOff addresses two significant impediments to the successful implementation of Silicon Carbide modules in high-power applications. By reducing turn-off spikes and ringing, both under normal operation as well as short-circuit (DSAT) conditions, SiC MOSFET modules can be safely operated in the higher frequencies that enable dramatic increases in power conversion density. This allows SiC MOSFET modules to be operated closer to their rated specifications, resulting in size, cost and performance improvements. The ASC1 gate driver core is designed for harsh, high-noise environments, with optional conformal coating. It is equipped with powerful diagnostic and troubleshooting tools and it continuously monitors critical parameters, such as temperature and DC link voltage.

"Designers want the benefits of switching at higher speeds using smaller, lighter, less expensive system components. But, today, this can only be achieved by reducing the switching efficiency, which effectively negates much of the benefits," said Rob Weber, AgileSwitch CEO. "The ASC1 Driver Core enables them to have both higher switching frequencies and high efficiency by dramatically reducing the typical secondary effects of high switching frequency: voltage overshoots, ringing and false short circuit reporting."

Agileswitch 2ASC Cores & Development Kits Ordering Information

Part# Description Datasheet Buy Now
ASDAK-2ASC-12A1HP-62 1200V 62mm Accelerated Development Kit includes: (3) 2ASC Series SiC Cores, (1) Module Adapter Board, (1) ASBK-007 Programmer Kit & (1) Wire Assembly Buy ASDAK-2ASC-12A1HP-62 now!
2ASC-12A1HP 1200V High Performance Driver Core Optimized for EVs, Traction, and Heavy Duty Vehicle Applications Buy 2ASC-12A1HP now!
2ASC-12A2HP Dual-Channel Augmented Core 2 -1200V, MODULE Buy 2ASC-12A2HP now!
2ASC-17A1HP 1700V High Performance Driver Core Optimized for EVs, Traction, and Heavy Duty Vehicle Applications Buy 2ASC-17A1HP now!