Holtek Semiconductor

As a Holtek Semiconductor’s distributor, NAC offers Holtek’s full offering of Microcontroller Units (MCUs).

Introduction from its foundation in 1983 to the present day, Holtek Semiconductor has released a continuous stream of competitive and functionally rich semiconductor devices onto the global market. While the Holtek product range remains firmly focused in the 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller development area, the company has also designed and continues to design a wide range of peripheral semiconductor products. The foundation of these successful product developments are of course the company′s professional and experienced engineering design teams, which have been extremely successful in providing Holtek customers with a wide range of high quality industrial grade semiconductor devices. These mature and high quality semiconductor devices can now be found among many of today′s well known consumer appliances and industrial products and demonstrate Holtek’s commitment to designing products of excellent quality and superior price-performance ratios.

Holtek continues to retain its product development focus in the microcontroller design area which includes both a huge range of 8-bit microcontrollers and also ARM core based 32-bit microcontrollers. This continually expanding microcontroller range includes an extensive range of fully integrated digital and analog functions such as A/D converters, LCD drivers, PWM generators, high current LED drivers, touch switches, analog functions, SPI/I2 C and UART interfaces, USB drivers, voice functions, RF functions etc. Its 32- bit and 8-bit microcontroller devices meet with full industry specifications in having a wide voltage and temperature operating range. Complementing its microcontrollers are a wide range of peripheral devices such as Touch Switch devices, LCD drivers, Power Management devices, Fingerprint Detection Modules, Video Processors etc. diversifying further the total product range and opening up the application areas into a wider market area.

For more information on Holtek's MCUs Development Kits offerings, please refer to the M3 MCU Development Kit subpage


General Purpose MCU
LCD Display MCU
USB Interface MCU
RF Remote MCU
IR Remote MCU
Voice & Music MCU
e-Banking MCU
8-Bit Flash MCU
General Purpose MCU
LCD Display MCU
USB Interface MCU
Sub1GHz RF Receiver SoC MCU
Sub1GHz RF Transmitter SoC MCU
Touch MCU
DC Motor MCU
Voice MCU
Wireless Vocie MCU
Charger ASSP MCU
Health Measurement ASSP MCU
Other Special Purpose MCU
8-Bit 8051 Flash MCU
32-Bit Flash MCU
Fingerprint Module
Functional Module
Display Driver
LCD Controller & Driver
LED Controller & Driver
VFD Controller & Driver
Learning Encoder
IR Remote Controller
Power Management
LDO & Detector
DC to DC Converter
AC to DC Converter
White LED Backlight Driver
LED Lighting Driver
General OP Amplifier
Audio Amplifier
CCD/CIS Analog Signal Processor
Currency Recognition ASSP Processor
Touch Key
IGBT Driver
Sound Effect Generator
Telecom Peripheral
PIR Controller
Bridge Interface
MCU Programming Tools
8-Bit MCU Programming Tools
8-Bit 8051 Flash MCU Programming Tools
32-Bt MCU Programming Tools